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We've Come a Long Way

In transportation, the formula for success comes down to connectivity, and that’s exactly what Interide delivers. Interide Transport offers value-added transportation solutions that put customers and drivers in touch with success. Whether you’re an experienced driver who’s ready to rock your trucking career to a new level, or a shipper looking for a high quality transportation partner, we invite you to make the Interide Transport connection.

Providing a Number 1 Service

Interide knows on time delivery is critical to the success of our customers’ business.

On-Time Performance

Service is measured every day on every load for all shipments handled and this data is reported in several ways that allow for examination of individual accounts, dispatch territories and drivers. Current period as well as year-to-date service tracking is performed.


Interide utilizes the latest technology to Plan, Schedule, Track, Monitor and Deliver your shipments in the safest and timeliest manner. Our tools include McLeod Software, Omnitrac and Electronic Logs to assure that your product arrives exactly when, where and how you want it.

Safety Commitment

Safety begins before a driver is allowed behind the wheel. Interide requires safety criterion over and above the minimum standards required by Federal Regulation. All new drivers must attend an orientation program that addresses defensive driving techniques, hours of service specifications and personal safety skills. On-going auditing of both drivers and management personnel is performed to ensure that Interide Safety remains a top priority.

  • On-Line Tracking

  • On-Line Proof of Delivery

  • Data Logging Capability

  • Strong CSA History

  • Union-Free Workforce